Matt’s Artwork

Matt’s love for art started in childhood when he used to watch his dad draw and shape things out of wood. He loved the way his dad was able to take a blank canvas and create something special out of it. At an early age, Matt decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and create his own pieces.

From high school to college at Villanova University, Matt studied various mediums and created works that still hang in his parent’s house back home. It started as a hobby and an outlet for him to escape from the pressures of every day life and focus on something else for a while.

Recently, a teammate discovered some drawings and paintings Matt had done and asked Matt if he would paint something for him. Matt agreed, and the rest is history.

What started off as a hobby for Matt since gained recognition via social media and interest from Chicago newspapers, and recently Chicago Cubs Charities asked Matt to paint a picture from the World Series to auction off at their annual charity ball.

Although Matt mostly works with spray paint, he also paints in water colors, acrylics.

If interested in a custom piece, please contact or visit our contact page. As Matt is busy during the season, production may be delayed.

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