The View From the Top

Comm 663's Blog

I sit in the front pew of the tiny chapel and watch as he walks up on the altar to gaze out at the canyon. It’s around lunchtime. The sun is shining a warm tint of orange and yellows and projecting the colors all over the canyon walls. And for the first time in a while, a slight sigh of relief washes over me.

I watch as others enter the chapel and take seats on the wooden pews around me. A comfortable silence fills the air. With a setting like this, there’s hardly room for words anyway. Sedona, Arizona, takes my breath away. And for once, it feels really good.

I haven’t seen the sky in so long. The big city lights, the skyscrapers—they leave no room for the stars. But up here, I’m so high. Higher than the buildings and the lights. Nothing can catch me, nothing can…

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