The Subway Singers

NYC’s finest entertainment.

Comm 663's Blog

One of the most fascinating things I’ve found about New York since moving here isn’t one of which most people associate with the city. It’s not the captivating skyscrapers or the bright flashing lights, the glowing marquees of Times Square, the yellow cabs zipping and honking throughout all hours of the night. No, it’s something that most loathe about the city—a negative, if you will. And that is the New York City subway.

The fact of the matter is nobody in his or her right mind would most likely take the subway if given the option. It’s hot, it’s mucky, it’s always crowded. It’s dirty, it’s smelly, and we all wish we could avoid it. Unfortunately, the subway is most of our best options.

My first week here, I was petrified of taking the subway, especially alone. There’s so many trains, so many different places. How could I possibly…

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