Back to the Creek

The other night I saw that pictures were added to the Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille page on Facebook. When the album caption popped up on my news feed, I obviously had to sneak a peek. In all honesty, I have not given much thought to the summer or my summer work, mainly because of the large quantities of schoolwork my teachers so generously piled on me for the remaining month of the semester and with spring just arriving and all, even though its time will be here shortly. But for a few minutes, while I slowly browsed each photo in the album, I was transported back to those busy summer nights—the aroma of the food being freshly prepared, the joking in the kitchen, the chatter among intimacy in the dining room, the view of the bay from the outside deck and the live music from the exclusive stage tucked behind bamboo coverings.

With a glance at the first picture, I was back in the kitchen, waiting at the line and watching the Shrimp Asperge come together for the perfect finish and presentation—sweet shrimp sautéed with tender asparagus tips and diced tomato and tossed with angel hair pasta in a light garlic Zinfandel sauce. Watching as a popular oyster appetizer is topped off with a to-die-for jalapeño cream sauce. Watching as servers prepare breadbaskets with Beach Creek’s famously homemade bruschetta. And laughing and joking as we carry it all out to the dining room, composing ourselves before we slip through the double doors.

The inside dining room has always been my favorite. The atmosphere is kept intimate with stained glass windows lining the walls. The lights are dimmed so to make the candles lit on the tables glow even brighter. Soft chatter fills the air over jazz echoing faintly in the background. Parties and groups and families laughing and conversing over compelling food and specialty drinks occupy the tables, as waiters dressed in black glide between them to provide the utmost quality of service.

In a few more pictures, I was sitting at an outside table on the rail of the deck, enjoying a martini and overlooking the marina and watching the sun fall down over the water. The sun is casting fiery colors over the water as the warm breeze picks up just so slightly enough to ruffle the umbrella over my head. The white lights outlining the canopy over the outside dining room blink on, and the single strum of a guitar pierces the air. All direction is pointed towards the stage.

With the last of the sun disappearing under the bay, the crowd by the stage area thickens. The cocktail tables are completely taken, and the walking space between them is nearly invisible. Diners relax over appetizers and drinks and watch the live music over casual conversation. When the restaurant closes, we join them and indulge in all the sweet offerings Beach Creek provides.

By the last picture of the album, I could not stop thinking about the summer. Then I realized that the next time I’d be home would be May, when the restaurant would be open, as well as every other major restaurant on the island. Crowds would be flocking in by the dozens to take part in the hidden gem of a dining experience. The weather would be warm. I would no longer have any schoolwork to finish, and I’d finally be back at the place where I don’t mind spending most every night of my summertime—Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille.

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