Picture Peeping with New Smartphone App

Ever wanted to steal a peek at the pictures people around you are taking? Well, a new Smartphone application allows you to do it.

Imagine a new kind of social network—a social network more revolutionary than both Facebook and Twitter—the next generation of social network. Not necessarily for people you know, but for people you don’t know. All on a phone. Where you can instantly share texts, photos and videos with literally everyone around you. And keep them forever.

Bill Nguyen is the founder and CEO of Color, the newest Smartphone application. Blocked and sneakily developed from public view in Palo Alto, CA, for the past six months, Color is now being released to the world. And Nguyen calls it multi lens technology. So what does it do?

“Every camera that takes a picture around you within a 150 feet is gonna be instantly in your application,” says Nguyen. “You don’t have to upload it, you didn’t have to download it, you didn’t have to share it, you don’t have to friend anyone. It just happens. In this view, I can see photos and videos being taken by all people using Color on their Smartphone near by me.”

The public is buzzing, and investors are excited—so excited that they wrote some very large checks before ever seeing a finished product, giving Nguyen and his company 41 million dollars to start Color, one of the largest funding ever for a private software company.

All on a phone, in a post PC world, and the APP is free. Free for a very different audience. With a very different goal. So the world will see what happens. But whatever happens, with millions in investment, Color has a lot of smart people counting on it to be a hit.

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