Beach Creek

With this week marking my second week home, I couldn’t wait to get back to work serving with my summer family at Beach Creek, and I was happy to see them. When you spend majority of your summer nights with the people you work with, like I did previous summers, it’s pretty safe to say you’re going to miss them when the season’s all over and done, especially when you enjoy the company.

I’ll start with the warm welcome with which our entire staff greeted me when I walked through the door—the same warm welcome we extend to our diners, whether experiencing for the first time or returning for another. My summer family, we all work well together as a team to provide you an unmatchable dining experience, whether you’re sitting down for a gourmet meal in our inside dining room or sipping one of our famous martinis and sampling one of our unique appetizers at our outside bar.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—excited to work? Who’s ever really excited to work, especially during the summer? But if you have a job like mine, you wouldn’t mind working either.

When I saw the restaurant in its grand entirety outstretched before me Friday night, I strolled through the inside dining room, making my way onto the deck and past the outside seating area, finally nearing the tables situated comfortably along the water’s edge. And with the calming hum of the bay rippling below and gently breaking against the dock, I instantly remembered why I was so excited to be back waiting tables for another summer, swept away by that tropical island illusion.

For those of you who maybe aren’t the most familiar with Beach Creek, I highly suggest you become acquainted—I wouldn’t steer you wrong! Although properly known as Beach Creek Oyster Bar and Grille, Beach Creek is our island resort’s most famous casual fine dining establishment. It’s a charming restaurant nestled behind the hustle and bustle of the George Redding Bridge and the distraction of stoplights and fast-food chains clogging Rio Grande Avenue. The hidden gem, sitting directly on the bay overlooking the marina and the calmness of the marshes, is the hotspot where locals come to unwind after a busy workweek, and of where others are just starting to discover. Let me share with you just a few things I found enjoyable my first night back at Beach Creek.

Besides the pleasantness of my coworkers, I have to emphasize the rich, flavorful aromas of the Sea Bass Champignon and Seafood a la Vodka, Calamari Pomodoro and Oyster Rockefeller—or anything else on the menu, for that matter—escaping from the kitchen every time its doors swing open, trailing throughout the restaurant and captivating your sense of smell as the plates are delivered to tables—and to only think of the taste!

I enjoy the soft melody of the saxophone echoing faintly below the chatter of parties already seated in the inside dining room and parties gathered around the inside bar, patiently waiting for their turns at tables. Any spot will do, whether it’s a booth dotting the wall, kept intimate by dim lights and stained glass windows, or a table placed accordingly throughout the center of the room with a stellar view of the landing.

And the deck—that’s a whole other experience in itself, with its Sunset Martini Bar right there on the water, completely enclosed by bamboo coverings and railings overlooking the bay, while assortments of live music set the mood with the perfect, relaxing ambiance.

But my favorite time, and the most beautiful time of night, is when the sun begins to fall, and the sky is painted in shades of bursting reds and oranges and pinks, casting the colors over the bay and streaming them up through the giant windows lining the inside of the restaurant. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a Beach Creek sunset, and I get to experience it every night.

So you can see why I don’t mind spending most nights at the Creek, especially under these circumstances. I enjoy the atmosphere, I enjoy the surroundings, I enjoy the food, I enjoy the people. It’s a good crowd that is drawn to Beach Creek—those who are looking for a standout meal from the sea, who wish to relax and dine with good company over good wine and spirits.

As the girl around town, I would suggest any newcomer to this island, and any longstanding local for that matter, to make his or her way to Beach Creek Oyster Bar and Grille for at least a sunset cocktail. You might not come thinking you’re going to eat, but the enticing aromas will seat you, themselves.

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